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Hand Crafted Table Broom with Red & Black Seams

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Hand Crafted Table Broom with Red & Black Seams

By her own admission, weaver Deborah Needleman (who made an admirable recent career change from top New York editor to weaver and craftswoman), never considered making brooms. In fact, she says, she never really even gave brooms a thought in her life. But after an intensive apprenticeship under an Appalachian master broom maker, she fell under the spell of this simple, utilitarian and beautiful work of American folk art. Needleman says of her new craft:  I found the brooms beautiful — the simplicity of their form (stick and grass bound together for a purpose) was alluring in a way that a decorative object could never be. While we consider Needleman’s brooms as decorative as they are useful, we get her point. These hand brooms come in handy at the family dining table when bread crumbs need sweeping away, but they also create a simple and beautiful still life when placed atop a favorite book on a coffee table and offered for closer examination.

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